@Berlin(Sophie's Camera)#sophieandemiliogotoberlin


@Berlin(Sophie's Camera)#sophieandemiliogotoberlin was the first performative trip organized by @( )# (At Objective Pound), a conceptual travel agency I developed with Sophie Serber in 2015 which sought to facilitate excursions that reconsider what tourism can look like and the different purposes it can serve. In our first excursion, we hitchhiked from the Prins Bernhardplein liftplaats in Amsterdam to Berlin. Throughout our trip, we wore matching travel suits that we designed as a way to embody the information we were basing our trip around. This included maps, travel tips, contact information, common Dutch and German phrases, and our mission.

After countless asks we were able to get rides with three generous and engaging drivers who felt comfortable talking with us and taking pictures. In our extended conversations we made a point to inquire about why they picked us up and what about us made them feel interested in participating in the declining economy of hitchhiking. After they dropped us off we would mark the point on our sweatshirt maps and ask the drivers to sign our backs.

Upon returning to Amsterdam we shared our work in the exhibition ARE YOU ALIVE OR NOT? put on by the Gerrit Rietveld Academie at the Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. The installation included video documentation of our travels, our marked up sweatshirts, and a survey asking visitors about what sorts of trips we could perform on their behalf, retrieving forgotten items or delivering messages.