It's Our Park Day - Visioning the Stanton Building

In collaboration with The Illuminator and with support from FABnyc this participatory art project is developed for the Sarah D. Roosevelt Park Coalition Stanton Building Task Force campaign launch event, It's Out Park Day. It's Out Park Day will draw support the return of the Stanton Street park building back to the community. This community center was closed over twenty years ago and has been used as a storage shed by the NYC Parks Department. University Settlement, the Sarah D. Roosevelt Park Coalition, the Bowery Residents Committee, and Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) have teamed together to support the return of this building to the hands of the community as a homelessness services center, a job training site, a resiliency center and a multipurpose gathering space. With so many constituents and different ideas of space use in a building that is not publicly accessible I thought to create a way for neighbors to manifest what they imagine the inside of the space could look like during the day of the campaign launch. Participants will be invited to illustrate what the inside of the space will look like and the drawings will then be projection mapped onto the boarded up windows and doorways as a way to “see through them”.
All photos by David Hastings. Full album available on FABnyc's Flick stream